This track follows the Arrow River, from the town downstream towards the golf course. It was constructed by the Otago Regional Council to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Otago. There are two bridges that take you across the Arrow River at either end.

  • • Length:   Approximately 5kms round trip
  • • Fitness level:  Suitable for all ages, 
  • • Special gear: Nothing special apart from comfortable shoes
  • • Time required to complete the circuit: 1 hour to 2 hours
  • • Weather considerations: Any time is suitable, summer, winter rain or shine.
  • • Starting Point: Anywhere, but you can access it from the car park off Ramshaw Lane in the centre of town. It is a circular track so you don’t have to backtrack to get home.
  • • Maps:  Download a map here
  • • Definitely: Dogs should be on a lead.
  • • Leave only footprints and take only photos.
  • • Bring home your rubbish and take your doggie scooper with you.

Suitable for push chairs, buggies, children on bikes.

This track was provided by the Otago Regional Council and is maintained by the Otago Regional Council