Wilding trees

Help bring back the autumn colour

For four years the Arrowtown community, led by the Arrowtown Choppers, has made an outstanding effort to clear wilding conifers from Arrowtown’s hillsides by hand, complementing the felling and spraying work of contractors. Now it’s time to think about the next stage – planting more suitable species. The conditions on Tobins Face are challenging for …

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Just say no to wilding trees

The AVA’s Arrowtown Wilding Group has been hard at it over the last few months progressing Stage One of the Arrowtown Wilding Strategy. We are planning to have a public meeting in early March to outline plans for 2019, but in the meantime here’s a brief rundown on progress so far. Funding Central Lakes Trust …

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Wilding control roars ahead

The plan to finally sort the wilding conifer problem is off to a flying start. The two-phase project led by the Arrowtown Wilding Group, a sub-group of the Arrowtown Village Association, is already well under way, with the Arrowtown Choppers making great progress in sensitive areas and the professionals clearing as many conifers from Tobins Face …

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Wilding control money runs out

If you’ve raised your eyes to Tobins Face lately, you’ll have seen there has been encouraging progress on the control work done under the auspices of the AVA’s Arrowtown Wilding Group. Starting at the Crown Range zigzags, contractors have completed felling wilding conifers to a little below the half way mark on Tobins Track. This …

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Wilding tree control

  The Arrowtown Wilding Group, a sub group of the Arrowtown Village Association, is pleased to advise control work on these pesky trees is to commence during March. You will see conifer trees begin to fall at the southern end of Tobin’s Face. This is stage one of the Arrowtown Wilding Strategy, which you can peruse …

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