Rubbish & recycling

Arrowtown’s rubbish and recycling collection is every Monday (including all public holidays except Christmas Day).  It needs to be out on the kerb or grass verge, about one metre from the road, by 8am.

The rubbish goes into the landfill at Victoria Flats. Currently the glass from the recycling bins goes into landfill too as it is not economic to recycle when the colours are mixed.


Rubbish collection

This is a Council-run, user-pays service. You have two choices of how to do it:

  • Buy Council-approved degradable blue rubbish bags from Council offices, supermarkets or transfer stations. They are available in 30-litre and 60-litre sizes.
  • Rent a Council-approved residential wheelie bin from AllWaste (phone 03 441 3620).

Rubbish can also be dropped off at the transfer station in Glenda Drive.



There is free collection of recycling in Council-supplied wheelie bins (blue lid).

  • Plastics 1-7 Washed, not squashed and lids off
  • Steel tins and aluminium cans Washed with lids separate
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Clean aluminium foil
  • Glass bottles and jars Washed with the lids off (the lids can also go in the recycling container). No Pyrex, window glass or broken glass.
  • Clean paper and cardboard For example office paper, magazines, newspaper, egg cartons, cereal boxes, envelopes

Soft plastic

Soft plastic such as bread bags, frozen and chilled food bags, toilet roll packaging, pasta and rice bags, courier packs and single-use shopping bags can’t go in your recycling bin but you can drop them off for recycling at the Arrowtown Four Square in Adamson Drive and at a number of shops in Frankton.


All glass in the general recycling bins goes into landfill. If you have glass bottles and jars a better option is to take them to one of the bins where you separate the the colours so the glass can be recycled. You'll find them at the Arrowtown Four Square, as well as Pak’nSave, Countdown, Sherwood Queenstown and the transfer station in Glenda Drive.


Green waste

Some garden waste can be taken to the transfer station in Glenda Drive, where it is turned into mulch.

Accepted Tree branches up to 400mm in diameter and small tree stumps.
Not accepted Broom, gorse, flax, cabbage trees, grasses, leaves, weeds, sawdust, timber off-cuts, crates, wood packaging or gib board

More information on rubbish and recycling is available from QLDC.

Frankton Transfer Station

Household waste, green waste and hazardous waste can be taken to the transfer station in Glenda Drive, in the Frankton Industrial Estate. There is a charge for all drop-offs except for glass for recycling.

The transfer station is in the Frankton Industrial Estate, in Glenda Drive. It is open 8am to 5pm, 7 days a week. It is closed on Christmas Day, New Years Day, Good Friday and the morning of ANZAC day.

Phone 03 451 0106

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