About the AVA

The Arrowtown Village Association – better known as the AVA – strives to work in an energetic, co-operative and organised way for the benefit of the village of Arrowtown. Since the association's incorporation by local ratepayers (as the Arrowtown Residents Association) in 1999 it has represented those who choose to live in or have other associations with our town.

The AVA is a charitable incorporated society run by passionate volunteers. It has regularly submitted to local, regional and central government on a range of topics close to locals' hearts. We make submissions on Queenstown Lakes District Council plans and work with the Arrowtown-Kawarau ward councillors. We also act as an opinion-gathering group to submit to Otago Regional Council on matters such as clean air and, more recently, the Orbus service.

Past projects include the first two walking bridges over the Arrow River, installing security cameras in Buckingham Street and the SeniorNet project. The association has been heavily involved with the development of the Shaping Our Future report, an exciting document compiled after intensive community consultation. The AVA has been appointed guardian of the 2017 report and its 2022 review.

The Arrowtown Wilding Group and the Arrowtown Tracks Group are sub-groups of the AVA and we collaborate with the Arrowtown Promotion and Business Association. We support the Arrowtown Market, Predator Free Arrowtown and Arrowtown Community Response Group.


Inside the AVA

The AVA committee is elected by members at the Annual General Meeting in October. It speaks for the association's members, irrespective of the views or interests of the individual committee members. To be fully representative we need to know what people think, so the AVA actively engages with the Arrowtown community through our website, via email and on Facebook.

The larger our membership base, the better we can reflect the wishes of the community and be recognised as representing the community as a whole. That's why in 2018 we moved to free membership.

So become a member, get involved and be heard. You'll receive email newsletters on current issues and be given the opportunity to give your input on those issues and any others that concern you. There is no requirement to commit time or become a committee member. You don't have to be a ratepayer or even live here – membership is open to everyone. The only criterion is that you have the interests of Arrowtown at heart.


Current committee

Chair: Nick Fifield
Deputy Chair: Toni Clarke
Treasurer: Dave Harding-Shaw
Secretary: Emma Wilson
Committee Members: Nicolet Spice, Graeme Morrison, Mark Hosie, Nell Hunter, Renee Haenga, Mel Seyfort
Ex-officio: Councillor Lisa Guy

Arrowtown Village Association
PO Box 140, Arrowtown 9351


The Arrowtown Village Association shall strive to be an excellent example of community action working in an energetic, co-operative and organised manner for the benefit of all residents, businesses and the village as a whole.


The Arrowtown Village Association became an incorporated society in 2008. Read our organisation's rules here.

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The AVA committee meets monthly. You can read the meeting minutes here.

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Find out about the Village Association's submissions to local government.

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