Shaping Our Future

Shaping Our Future, set up in 2011, is a community-driven project that is working towards a long-term vision of ‘spectacular environments, enterprising people, exceptional solutions’ in the Queenstown Lakes District. A specific Shaping Our Future process was instigated for Arrowtown.

The ambition was to give every person in the community a voice in guiding the future development of the district. The Shaping Our Future process used community forums and online input, volunteer taskforces and strategy reports to promote discussion and create a roadmap to achieving the community’s goals.

The first Arrowtown Shaping Our Future report was released in late 2017. In June 2022 there was a review to make sure the document still represents the wishes of the community, and in December 2022 the revised and updated Arrowtown Community Visioning 2022 was published. 


Guardians of the report

The Arrowtown Village Association was in 2018 selected by the Shaping Our Future committee to become guardians of the Shaping Our Future Arrowtown Community Visioning report.

The four pillars that make up the report are

  • Heritage
  • Character
  • Community
  • Environment.

The key report vision for Arrowtown is to create

A vibrant, diverse community that is pro-active in managing its future in a way that values and sustainably protects its heritage, character, lifestyle and the natural environment.

Already aspects of this report can be seen coming to fruition, such as:

  • Wilding tree removal on Tobins Face
  • Trapping by Predator Free Arrowtown to protect native fauna
  • The improved bus service, and the opportunity provided to the AVA to provide community feedback
  • Completion of the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust development in Suffolk St
  • Work beginning on the QLCHT affordable housing development at Tewa Banks
  • Protection – so far – of the Urban Growth Boundary.

The document is a important blueprint for our village and we are excited to have been offered the role of guardian. It allows us to make recommendations to decision makers in a structured, community-driven way. We refer to the document often as we consult and inform you, our community, on matters of interest.

Find out more about Shaping Our Future in Arrowtown, including raw data from 2016.

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