There isn’t a lot of crime in Arrowtown, but the CCTV cameras installed by the Arrowtown Village Association from 2004 on have proved extremely useful to the police as they investigate disreputable activity in the centre of the village. Recordings from the 15 cameras have been used to catch a range of offenders from a light-fingered tourist who stole a quilt from the museum gallery to a cunning black labrador that nicked bread from a café doorstep.

Council has also been using the system to keep an eye on the mobility parks on Buckingham Street.


How you can help

Arrowtown’s CCTV cameras are not monitored live. Instead the police and QLDC rely on the public to report possible offending. Here’s what to do if you think something is out of order:

  • If a crime, such as an assault or shoplifting, is still in progress dial 111 to give the police a chance to nab the offender there and then.
  • To report something that is no longer an emergency, for example vandalism, call the non-urgent police line on 105.
  • To report someone parking in a mobility space without a permit, make a note of the time and which of the two spaces (near the bakery or the Night n Day) they are in, then contact QLDC by phone 03 441 0499 or email. They will check the camera footage to confirm the infringement and issue a ticket if appropriate.
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