For domestic electricity supply you have a choice of a number of retailers using different pricing models. To find out which is likely to be the best supplier and best plan for you, go to one of the price comparison sites. One of the most respected is Consumer's Powerswitch.

The company responsible for the electricity lines is Aurora Energy. If you are trimming a tree or doing DIY work near power lines you should request a temporary disconnection to avoid electrocution. The service is typically free for house owners during business hours when planned in advance. Read more about working safely around the electricity network here.



Many households in Arrowtown use bottled LPG for heating and/or cooking. There are several suppliers and they have options for ordering and delivery systems. The suppliers we know of are Elgas, Contact Rockgas and Ongas.

There is also a piped gas system from a tank at Millbrook. It supplies Milbrook, the commercial area of Arrowtown and the camping ground, as well as some houses. It is possible to make a residential connection to the main if it runs outside your house; get in touch with Contact to find out if it's possible, and if it will be worth the expense.



If you're using a woodburner to heat your home, you'll need firewood. Suppliers usually advertise in the classified section of the Mountain Scene newspaper. Be sure to order well in advance to allow the firewood to dry out fully – and be aware wood suppliers sometimes run out of dry wood towards the end of winter.

You can buy wood pellets for pellet burners at hardware stores, supermarkets and at some petrol stations.

Note that in Arrowtown, to meet clean air regulations your woodburner must comply with Otago Regional Council efficiency and emission standards and you are not permitted to burn coal.

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