Water supply and conservation

Arrowtown’s water supply is maintained by QLDC. It is bore water drawn from below Bush Creek. It runs through a UV treatment to kill bugs and it is also chlorinated. It is not fluoridated.

During summer, when demand is at its peak, there may be restrictions on water use, including garden irrigation. These are notified on the QLDC Facebook page and in the press. Don’t be too concerned if you see farms and golf courses irrigating at this time – they get their water from the Arrow Irrigation Scheme, the pipes installed in the 1920s down the Macetown Road.

An upgrade of the bore and reservoirs is planned to meet growing demand.


Who’s responsible for what?

Every property has a water toby, a tap between the public water supply and your property’s pipes. It is out near the road, covered by blue plastic lid. QLDC is responsible for everything up to, and including the toby. The homeowner is responsible for everything after that.

If you can't find the toby, it is broken, or you notice a water leak on public property, call QLDC on 03 441 0499 or report it using the service request form. If there's a problem on your side of the toby you'll need to call a plumber.

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