Tree maintenance

Under the current rules, if you want to remove or prune a tree in the Residential Arrowtown Historic Management Zone, you’ll need the permission of QLDC. The Parks Team will assess the request and advise whether a resource consent is required or if there is another more appropriate course of action.

If you do have to get a resource consent, the Council will cover the cost of the fee. However you might be required to get an independent arborist’s report, especially if you are proposing to remove a tree, and this will be at your own cost.

If you remove or prune a tree within this zone without consent you could be fined.


Power lines

You are responsible for keeping trees growing on your property well clear of power lines. If you are trimming a tree near power lines you should request a temporary disconnection to avoid electrocution. The service is typically free for house owners during business hours when planned in advance.

More about trees and power lines here.

Arrowtown Residential Historic Management Zone

The light purple area indicates the historic zone.


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