Noise control

Arrowtowners are entitled to a certain amount of peace and quiet without being disturbed by excessive noice. According to QLDC, excessive noise is ‘any noise that is under human control and loud enough to unreasonably interfere with the peace, comfort and convenience of anyone living here’. Examples include loud music, parties, band practice, broken alarms or noisy machinery. It doesn’t include everyday activities like lawn mowing, as long as these are carried out at a reasonable hour.

If you have a noisy neighbour and have had no success approaching them yourself, you can call in QLDC noise control. QLDC will send out a noise control officer and if they find the noise to be excessive they’ll issue a notice to reduce it to a reasonable level. If further excessive noise complaints are received, they may seize and impound stereos or any other offending equipment.

Be sure to report the excessive noise while it's happening and keep calling until the problem is resolved.

Noise control 03 441 0499 (24 hours)

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