QLDC Parks Strategy Feedback


We’d like to hear your feedback on Queenstown Lakes District parks, such as how you currently use parks, what you value about them and what could be improved.

Our Parks Strategy was last reviewed in 2002. The Queenstown Lakes District is fortunate to have a variety of open space and reserve areas that play a vital role in making this area a great place to work and play. Increased population and visitor numbers can put pressure on the use of the land as more people want to use and enjoy these areas. That’s why development and protection of our parks and reserves, and improvements to the quality of them is important.

We’re currently reviewing our Parks Strategy to make sure we have enough parks and reserves, that they are in the right places and that they meet the needs of residents and visitors in the district now and into the future.

Later in the year, a formal consultation phase will take place where we’ll seek submissions from the public to inform a final strategy.

Feedback closes on 20 May 2016.

Submit your feedback on the QLDC website here

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