Urban intensification proposed for Arrowtown

As you may be aware there is currently a proposal from QLDC to encourage urban intensification in Arrowtown and other parts of the district by substantially increasing height and density limits in some residential zones.

It's important to acknowledge that what's being proposed is not developer-led nor is it an initiative of QLDC. It's a variation to the Proposed District Plan that has been sparked by the National Policy Statement for Urban Development 2020, a product of central government.

The national policy aims to ensure New Zealand’s towns and cities are well-functioning urban environments that meet the changing needs of our diverse communities. It removes barriers to development to allow growth ‘up’ and ‘out’ in locations that have good access to existing services, public transport networks and infrastructure.

In June our local councillors voted to notify the proposed variation to the PDP. The AVA will be making a submission against the variation but it's important that as many individuals as possible submit as well.

To get more information go to the Urban Intensification page on the QLDC website and look in particular at the QLDC document titled Urban Intensification Variation Factsheet. On the third page is a table that outlines the changes. The first two lines relating to Lower Density and Medium Density are the items that affect Arrowtown. These items are copied in red below to make it a bit easier.

Lower Density Suburban Residential Zone (LDSRZ)

  • Simplify and increase height limit to be 8m in most locations for flat and sloping sites.
  • Maintain existing maximum density (1 per 300m2) but change to enable ‘average area’ rather than ‘net area’.
  • Amend minimum lot area from 450m2 to 300m2 and minimum lot dimensions from 15m x 15m to 12m x 15m.

Medium Density Residential Zone (MDRZ)

  • Increase height limit to 11m +1m (for pitched roofs) in most locations and relax and simplify recession plane standards.
  • Remove maximum site density standard of 1 per 250m2, but maintain minimum lot area of 250m2.
  • Amend minimum lot dimensions from 12m x 12m to 10m x 12m.
  • New outdoor living space and outlook space standards.

This variation affects pretty much all of Arrowtown apart from the Historic Zone, whether it be an increase to 12m (high enough for a three-storey building) in a slice of town from Kent Street to Preston Drive or to 8m in the wider area.

There's lots more available on the QLDC website, including a "story map" that breaks the changes down (click here). To gain a better understanding of the proposal and the background to it, and to hear a legal opinion, come along to a public meeting hosted by the AVA on Tuesday 26 September at 7pm at the Athenaeum Hall.

We encourage you to make a considered submission before the extended deadline of 5 October 2023. You can make your submission by filling in a form, sending an email or by snail mail. Click here for options.

Remember that, under the Resource Management Act, your submission will be publicly available with your name and address attached!

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