Do you have a ULEB?

Do you have a Ultra Low Emission Burner? If so, would you be prepared to help assess whether ULEBs can make a significant difference to our dangerously high levels of winter air pollution? Otago Regional Council have approached us with a project to measure the real-life emissions from ULEBs. The more accurate emissions estimates are, […]

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Water quality at Lake Hayes

From 1 December Otago Regional Council staff will be out and about testing water quality in lakes and rivers for the summer season. If you (or your dog) are thinking of swimming in Lake Hayes, you’re encouraged to check the ‘Can I Swim Here?’ section of the LAWA (Land Air Water Aotearoa) website to see the latest weekly water quality results.

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Bus route through Arrowtown

We have previously updated the community on the Orbus service and the associated highly visual infrastructure work occurring. Based on your feedback we joined with the Arrowtown Promotion and Business Association (APBA) and the Arrowtown Planning Advisory Group (APAG) to express our concern at the double movement from Ramshaw Lane to Adamson Drive and back again within

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Clean Air Warm Homes talk

On Thursday 9 May from 7 pm to 8 pm at the Athenaeum Hall, Ian Longley of NIWA will give a talk about a new clean air project for Arrowtown. Arrowtown has a persistent problem with air quality, both inside and outside, in winter. This is due to: wood burning, cooking and smoking inside houses;

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Thinking about alternatives to cars

What would it take to get you out of your car? More public transport options? Safer opportunities to walk or cycle? A gondola along Queenstown Hill? A more frequent ferry service? Something else? This is your chance to help plan safe, accessible and connected transport solutions for everyone. Queenstown Lakes District Council, the NZ Transport

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The wheels on the bus go…

Yes, that’s right; they do go round and round. But does the Arrowtown community want the buses going round and round and round? We all love Orbus, which is providing a great and affordable public transport, although one aspect is raising discussion. Since the service was introduced just over a year ago by the Otago Regional

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Lake Hayes remediation

The Otago Regional Council is investigating three potential methods towards remediating water quality in Lake Hayes. The Council’s technical committee this afternoon took further steps towards remediating water quality in the lake, with three potential methods of flushing, capping and destratification under discussion. The glacial lake near Queenstown has been suffering from ongoing algal blooms,

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