Bus route through Arrowtown

We have previously updated the community on the Orbus service and the associated highly visual infrastructure work occurring.

Based on your feedback we joined with the Arrowtown Promotion and Business Association (APBA) and the Arrowtown Planning Advisory Group (APAG) to express our concern at the double movement from Ramshaw Lane to Adamson Drive and back again within the village boundaries, and its overpowering effect on our village.

We pushed hard for a common sense approach to be taken by Otago Regional Council (ORC). Buses are passing through central Arrowtown twice for each run, resulting in extra bus stops and associated loss of carparks by the new Ramshaw Lane toilets. A roundabout is soon to be installed at the Adamson Drive/Ritchie Street junction. All of this comes at considerable ratepayer expense, but is a total rejection of community wishes.

Let us be clear, the AVA is completely opposed to the current route. The APBA and APAG agree and feel our heritage status deserves better.

We have put forward a simple solution to ORC: a single pass through our beautiful town in a loop would work just as well. ORC have declined to make any alterations to the system and are ploughing ahead with their costly plans. The reasoning given is that all bus routes must have a terminus for driver convenience, at this point the Four Square on Adamson Drive, so this must also be a turnaround point. All parties in opposition disagree and have offered to discuss a logical one-way loop option. This offer has been repeatedly turned down by ORC.

Rest assured that at all times we have expressed our praise for the service in general – we have all seen the benefits of the regular and affordable service.  But we are deeply disappointed and frustrated, and are frankly unsure on how to achieve change.

Should you feel deeply about this issue, please email ORC chairperson Stephen Woodhead.

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