Get $2500 towards a replacement heater now

If you're still using an inefficient wood burner (thus contributing to Arrowtown's air pollution) there's good news from Otago Regional Council – it has recently increased the subsidy to replace it with an efficient, clean heat source to $2500.

Inefficient burners (coal burners, pellet fires and wood burners) cannot be lawfully used under ORC’s Regional Air Plan rules, but there are still many being used in Arrowtown. Most wood burners installed before 2007 do not meet the standards. Multifuel burners and coal fires of any age almost certainly don't.


How much is the subsidy?

As of 1 April 2019, approved Arrowtown applicants can receive the following subsidies towards replacing inefficient burners:

  • General income (not means-tested) $2500
  • Low income families with homes built before 2008 may qualify for an additional subsidy through Warmer Kiwi Homes on top of the ORC Clean Heat Clean Air subsidy. For this reason, the Clean Heat Clean Air subsidies for low income families are as follows:
    $2000 for the replacement of inefficient burners; or
    $750 for the replacement of a burner that already meets the efficiency standards

This subsidy is allocated on a first-in-first-served basis.


Am I eligible?

You will be eligible for the Clean Heat Clean Air subsidy if all the following apply:

  • You own a home in the urban area of Arrowtown.
  • Your home was built before the year 2008.
  • Your current burner does not meet the standards above and you agree to have it removed or decommissioned by an ORC-approved contractor.
  • You install an ultra-low emission appliance from the ORC-approved list.

For more information, including eligible replacement appliances and instructions on how to apply, go to the ORC website.

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