Do you have a ULEB?

Do you have a Ultra Low Emission Burner? If so, would you be prepared to help assess whether ULEBs can make a significant difference to our dangerously high levels of winter air pollution?

Otago Regional Council have approached us with a project to measure the real-life emissions from ULEBs. The more accurate emissions estimates are, the better their understanding of total emissions within an airshed both here and nationwide. Arrowtown is the ideal location to undertake this work as we have installed a lot of ULEBs recently and there is high community engagement.

What the project asks from volunteers:

  • Using their wood burner every day for the seven-day test period
  • Keeping track of what is burnt and noting down the type of wood burnt every day (usually a scale will be provided to weigh the wood)
  • Being able to let a contractor into the house to set up and remove the testing equipment at the start and end of the seven days, and to change the analyser filters every day. It should take around 30 minutes for the filter changes.

Important note: the contractor needs to drill into the flue within the house to insert a probe for the duration of the testing. After it is removed, a tight metal band is placed around the flue and over the hole. The fire can be used as normal for the rest of the season. When winter is over ORC will get an installer to replace that section of the flue.

We are looking for up to six volunteers to get involved. If you are able to be one of them, please email Susan Rowley at

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