Cosy Homes Trust helping clear the air

The first month of NIWA’s air quality monitoring project in Arrowtown has coincided with 8 breaches of the National Standard, including six times in one week – every time the air temperature dropped below freezing. Let’s look at what’s happening around this:



NIWA has installed 24 air sensors across town on power poles, outside volunteers’ homes and two at Arrowtown School.
Data recorded to NIWA’s computers every minute allows animated maps of average air quality to be created. These will be available on a public website very soon.

Twenty-one households are hosting NIWA monitors to detect how much smoke from outdoors is getting into their homes. Another 30 residents waiting to host monitors.

Twenty-one Year 8 students at Arrowtown School have joined the project team under the guidance of teacher Kelly Scoles. First to see the outdoor monitor data, they are learning how to create charts and calculate statistics to summarise the data. Their work will also be released through the project website soon.

The project will continue all winter and plans are being considered to repeat the project in winter 2020.


Otago Regional Council

ORC staff have been on the ground this winter, recording data on smoky chimneys and chatting with people about outdoor burning that contributes to air quality issues in Arrowtown.

There will be an important mail drop soon about monitoring, education and compliance.

Cosy Homes Drop-in Sessions

The Cosy Homes Trust has had several drop-in sessions already this year. The next ones will be at the Athenaeum Hall Supper Room on Monday 22 July (4 pm to 7.30 pm) and Tuesday 23 July (10.30 am to 2.30 pm). Find out about:

  • ultra-low emission burners
  • various heating and insulation subsidies and how they can work together
  • practical advice on clean burning and other healthy homes matters.

Bring your curliest warm homes questions!

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