Update on Olive Leaf building

It has come to our attention that the Olive Leaf Centre Trust (OLCT) has applied to Queenstown Lakes District Council for leave to have their resource consent application heard by the Environment Court, instead of before QLDC appointed commissioners at a public hearing.

Some important facts you may want to know:

  • QLDC has declined their necessary agreement to this resulting in an appeal by OLCT to be heard before a commissioner in Queenstown week of 16 September
  • AVA supports QLDC in this stance to keep the democratic process open to wider community involvement
  • Should OLCT’s appeal be successful there will be no local public hearing by independent commissioners
  • Instead the Environment Court would hear all evidence from the applicant, council and any submitter choosing to join as a section 274 party.

We encourage the community to keep informed on this issue.

You can read more about the proposed Olive Leaf Building at 7 Hertford St on the QLDC eDocs site, search for RM170844.

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