Arrowtown Winter Smoke Problem

If you are bothered by smoke in Arrowtown then the Otago Regional Council are the people to talk to !

From the ORC website –

Pollution hotline – 0800 800 033
If you observe an instance of pollution in Otago, contact us. Use the Pollution Hotline to report observations of pollution to water, air, or land. Your call will be dealt with in complete confidence.

Report incidents as soon as possible after you see them. Timely reporting and evidence helps us to take action. Otago is a big region, and we depend on the public to let us know when pollution occurs. It can be very difficult to find the source of the pollution if the signs have disappeared by the time we get there. For example, a river that is discoloured at 9 o’clock in the morning won’t necessarily still look that way a short time later.

If you can, take some photographs and email them with your report to – your details will remain confidential.

NOTE that Queenstown Lakes District Council has no authority over this environmental issue

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