QLDC Water Supply Meeting

It was pleasing to see a good turn out at the QLDC information meeting held in Arrowtown this week. A big thank you to the QLDC staff, Mayor Jim and Councillors who attended to keep our community informed. Although much focus during question time was placed by some Arthurs Point residents on their concerns with potential on-going Chlorination of the water, the main points to take away from the meeting for Arrowtown were:

  • The water source we rely on is not a problem, it is the infrastructure beyond the pump i.e. the underground pipework that is the main risk source of contamination
  • This is due to the nature of Wakatipu Basin settlements development history and sometimes ad hoc house connections for example
  • The safety and health of residents is the councils main concern
  • This is a nationwide issue following the Havelock North water contamination issue, and Central Government is enforcing strict requirements for drinking water safety. All councils throughout NZ are obliged to meet these requirements for their residents
  • Although permanent Chlorination appears the most likely outcome at this stage QLDC is open to all avenues of research and continues to consider all options
  • A final decision is yet to be made

The AVA will keep the community informed, and we know that QLDC will continue with public information.

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