Subsidised predator traps

Predator Free Arrowtown was set up in April 2017 to remove rats, stoats, weasels, ferrets, possums and hedgehogs around Arrowtown and the surrounding hills. This will help bring back the native birds, lizards and invertebrates, in combination with weed removal and native replanting.

PFA started with an initial 10 traps, and has since expanded to more than 200. There are trapping lines up Bush Creek, Sawpit Gully, Brow Peak and along the Arrow River out to Whitechapel. The traps, which are pet friendly and do not use poison, are checked and rebaited by volunteers. Most of them have been sponsored by local businesses and individuals who have shown amazing support and generosity. This also includes the Akarua Autumn Festival Committee, which funded the Brow Peak line of traps. All funds are now handled through the Arrowtown Village Association.

Get your own predator trap

Predator Free Arrowtown has received community funding from Predator Free New Zealand/Kiwibank to provide subsidised traps to Arrowtown households (limited to houses within town boundaries). The first 50 traps target rats and stoats (pet friendly, $10 each), and possums ($20). All instructions will be provided with the trap.

To get hold of a subsidised trap for your Arrowtown garden, contact Predator Free Arrowtown through the @pfarrowtown Facebook page, email or text Ben on 022-438-4552.

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