Arrow River Tracks Are For Everyone

With so many people wanting to enjoy the Arrow River tracks either on foot or by cycle, it has become recognised as a place of potential user conflict. The AVA has received enquiries of concern and wanting clarification on usage.

So that we can all safely share these tracks, there are some simple steps that we can all take:

  • All users of the tracks are encouraged to keep left or to move to the left to make room for others.
  • Cyclists please ring your bell (or at the least call out politely) to warn others of your approach. A bell is an affordable and practical method to signal your presence.
  • Walkers please move to the left when you hear the bell.
  • Dogs are allow off leash on the river tracks, but must be under voice control and you must be carrying a leash. Please keep them with you when passing other track users: being rushed by a dog, no matter how friendly, can be frightening for some – and bike vs dog collisions are only going to end in pain for both.

The Arrowtown Millennium Trail, which loops both sides of the Arrow River and is part of the Queenstown Trail network, is one popular area we have received comments on. Cyclists are encouraged to use the east (far) side of the river but are welcome to use both and it is just one of the many multi-use trails in our beautiful area.

Mark Williams, the CEO of Queenstown Trails Trust advises that they are currently undertaking a signage upgrade for this busiest section of their network, with the inclusion of some ‘caution’ and ‘trail courtesy’ signs.

Let’s all get out there and share the delight in having these beautiful tracks, right here on our door-step. Use with courtesy and awareness and enjoy yourselves!

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