Committee members wanted!

The Arrowtown Village Association annual general meeting is coming up on Thursday 29 November. Part of the AGM is electing officers and committee for the next year, and although the current committee is happy to stay on board, we wish to add up to three new committee members. So we’re on the hunt!

You might be interested, but you’re not sure what’s involved? Read on.

About the AVA

The AVA strives to work in an energetic, co-operative and organised way for the benefit of the village of Arrowtown. We are the voice of Arrowtown and represent the whole community.

We regularly submit to local, regional and central government on a range of topics close to locals’ hearts. Arrowtown’s QLDC councillor is an ex officio member of the committee. We also act as an opinion-gathering group to help as we submit to these various bodies including QLDC but also the Otago Regional Council. Matters such as clean air and the Orbus service are just two examples over the last year.

We discuss and encourage methods to maintain and improve amenities in Arrowtown and actively encourage projects that restore the environment. Past committee projects have included the first two walking bridges over the Arrow River, installing security cameras in Buckingham Street and the SeniorNet project, which brought information technology classes to the community. There are a range of ongoing projects, from control work on Feehly Hill through to subsidised technology classes for seniors, as well as the AVA being a member of the access group aligned with the Mahu Whenua covenant area adjoining Arrowtown.

The Arrowtown Wilding Group is a sub-group of the AVA and our charitable status allows us to undertake some administrative requirements for Predator Free Arrowtown. We collaborate with the Arrowtown Promotion and Business Association on community issues should a common opinion be present.

The AVA are proud guardians of the Shaping Our Future report, using this exciting document, compiled after an intensive community consultation process, to guide our thinking when we make submissions.

The committee

The AVA committee speaks for the association’s members, irrespective of the views or interests of the individual committee members. To be fully representative we need to know what people think, so we actively engage with the community through our website, via email and on Facebook. This year we introduced free membership to encourage a wider range of people to join.

The committee meets monthly – usually the fourth Thursday of the month – but this format will be discussed with the new committee. Being a committee member doesn’t have to be a big time commitment if you’re busy, more than anything we’re looking to broaden the range of voices, although we would obviously not decline any particular skills you may bring to the table! We welcome anyone who has the interests of Arrowtown at heart but are particularly keen to have more representation of young families.

If you think this sounds like you, please let chairperson Noel Beggs know by email. Of course, get in touch if you have any questions about the association or more detail about what’s involved in being on the committee.

Annual General Meeting

Thursday 29 November, 7.30 pm
Community Rooms/Club Rooms, Centennial Avenue (by tennis courts)

The AGM will be followed by a presentation from Julie Scott of the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust, who will talk about affordable housing in Arrowtown.

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