Have your say about libraries

Libraries are about much more than books these days, and QLDC would like to know what's important to you.

Would you like to experience virtual reality or use a 3D printer in your local library? How about being able to borrow tools and knitting patterns as well as books? And what if you never had to pay an overdue fine again?

QLDC focus group sessions are underway with key stakeholders, including school children, and an online survey will be open until Friday 24 January. You can also complete the survey at a library.

QLDC General Manager Community Services Dr Thunes Cloete said findings will inform a strategy designed to develop local library services in terms of locations, technology, staff skillsets, community needs and outreach programmes.

“Libraries are the heart of local communities in so many ways and will play a key role in connecting our diverse population during this period of sustained growth,” he said.

“All our libraries face increasing expectations for space, technology and resources. The purpose of the Future Libraries Strategy is to meet these challenge by providing an innovative and inclusive library service which underpins community resilience and wellbeing.”

Dr Cloete encouraged everyone to complete the survey whether or not they are regular library visitors.

“If you or your family don’t currently use library services what are the factors that would encourage you to do so? For example, longer opening hours, a ‘pop-up’ service around town, audio-visual facilities or more adult learning programmes – we welcome all ideas at this stage,” he said.

To learn more about the Future Libraries Strategy and complete the survey online head here.

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