Funding boost for wilding control

We are pleased to announce the wilding removal stage of the Arrowtown Wilding Strategy can proceed after the Arrowtown Wilding Group (a sub-group of the AVA) received confirmation of the last of the funding required. The full list of funders is: Central Lakes Trust, Community Trust South, NZ Lotteries, Ministry of Primary Industries and the Wakatipu Wilding Conifer Control Group.

Local wilding tree control contractors administered by DOC have begun work in the area up from Bush Creek and Sawpit Gully towards Eichardts Flat. Initially it will be chainsaw work, supplemented with targeted helicopter spray work on the back face of German Hill.

Over the coming months, the work will move towards Arrowtown including completing the ground control work on Tobins Face that began in 2018.

We will keep you updated on work plans. There may be intermittent track closures but this will be well advertised. And no, we will not touch Tobins Face until after the 2020 Autumn Festival!

It's worth noting also that the harvest of Coronet Forest, a major source of seed for wilding conifers, began last month. Please stay out of the forest.

You can find the full Arrowtown Wilding Strategy document on our website here.

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