New AVA website launches

With the launch of its new website, the Arrowtown Village Association has rounded off a year-long campaign to better engage with the people of Arrowtown and improve the flow of communication between residents and their community association.

The new site, which you're looking at right now, has been completely revamped and is packed with valuable Arrowtown-specific information from contact details of community groups to advice on reducing pollution from your wood burner and the rules on trimming trees in the historic zone. This blog will be regularly updated with important news.

Our embrace of technology goes beyond this new website to our now flourishing Arrowtown Village Association Facebook page, where over the course of a year we've gone from 8 followers to well over 300. We share the very latest updates about Arrowtown there, and from time to time we're even breaking news, such as the presence of unsafe levels of E coli in Lake Hayes over the summer. The comments provide a useful venue for residents to make their feelings on Arrowtown issues known, something the committee welcomes as we strive to be more representative of the village as a whole.

The third element of the campaign is the shift to free membership, which has seen member numbers leap from 132 to over 200. We’re aiming to increase our base even further, as the larger our membership, the stronger our voice.

Between the website, our Facebook page, a regular column in The Loop Arrowtown and plans to send email newsletters to members, we think we've got all the bases covered when it come to communication. This way we hope to bring increased engagement and provide better representation for a wider audience.

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