What Atown issues are important to you?

Since its founding in 1862, Arrowtown has always been self-contained. We have our own school, churches, cemetery, pubs, shops, swimming pool, hall, sports teams, community organisations – and our own local government representation, but only until 2022.

Arrowtown is integral to the New Zealand brand. The town has responded to change, created opportunities and grown while preserving and cherishing its past. Enhancing our natural environment has been a priority and in 2020 we were named NZ’s most beautiful small town.

Continuing growth has put more pressure than ever on our environment, housing, infrastructure and heritage – yet our ability to shape our own future has been diminished. Now, as we lose our dedicated representation at Council, we need to work out the best way for locals to voice key issues with our local councils, QLDC and the ORC.

There are four main interest groups: Arrowtown Village Association (AVA), Arrowtown Business and Promotion Association, Arrowtown Planning Advisory Group and Shaping our Future.

The AVA aims to be the glue between these groups. It seems that now is a good time to ask what role you want us to play, through a survey circulated to AVA members and also available through our Facebook page and website.

Among the issues we are considering: intensification of housing; extension of urban growth boundary; air pollution; electricity supply; Coronet Forest tracks; emergency response planning; Ladies Mile development; heritage preservation; reforestation; Shaping Our Future; wilding trees; council services; road safety; Arrow River flows.


Taking a few minutes to help us out by having your say will be greatly appreciated.

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