Get involved with the AVA!

Our AGM is coming up on Thursday 28 October at 7.30pm at Arrowtown Community Rooms (beside the tennis courts). Please come along and find out all about our year's activities and hear from our guest speaker Mark Williams of the Queenstown Trails Trust.

If you are interested in being on our committee we welcome your interest. If you have a passion for Arrowtown please consider this – it's not a huge commitment and we're keen to get a good cross-section of the community.


What the AVA does

The AVA strives to work in an energetic, co-operative and organised way for the benefit of the village of Arrowtown. We are the voice of Arrowtown and represent the whole community.

We regularly submit to local, regional and central government on a range of topics close to locals' hearts. We also act as an opinion-gathering group as we submit to these various bodies.

We work to maintain and improve amenities in Arrowtown and support projects that restore the environment, from our involvement in weed control work on Feehly Hill to being a member of the access group for the Mahu Whenua covenant area. The Arrowtown Wilding Group is a sub-group of the AVA and we undertake some administrative requirements for Predator Free Arrowtown. We closely collaborate with the Arrowtown Promotion and Business Association on community issues.

We are proud guardians of the Shaping Our Future report, using this exciting community visioning document to guide our thinking. We look forward to ongoing consultation with the community given the report’s ‘live’ status.


What the committee does

The committee is elected at the AGM. It speaks for the association's members, irrespective of the views or interests of the individual committee members. Currently the committee comprises members with young families through to retired folk, a great mix of who Arrowtown is. It meets monthly, usually on the fourth Thursday of the month.

Being a committee member doesn’t have to be a big time commitment, more than anything we’re looking to keep a broad range of voices – although we would obviously not decline any particular skills you may bring to the table!

The AVA committee has a number of areas of interest, including the following:

  • Website, membership promotion, media (The Loop, Facebook) articles
  • Arrowtown Wilding Group
  • Assistance with admin of Predator Free Arrowtown
  • Assistance with financial admin of Arrowtown Choppers
  • Assistance with financial admin of Arrowtown Community Response Group
  • Clean air programme
  • Weed control/revegetation
  • Tracks and trails
  • Queenstown Lakes District Council liaison
  • Otago Regional Council liaison
  • Liaison with the Arrowtown Promotion and Business Association
  • Liaison regarding Arrowtown reserves and gardens
  • Guardians of the Shaping Our Future document

If you have any questions about the association or want more detail about what’s involved in being on the committee, contact chairperson Susan Rowley by email.


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