Affordable housing survey

We all choose to live and stay in the Queenstown Lakes District for many reasons. The unique environment, outdoor lifestyle, beauty and vibrancy of our places and diverse cultures make it easy to see why so many people want to make this special place their home. Unfortunately many struggle to find a suitable home.

Ensuring the affordability of housing in Arrowtown and the diversity of the village’s population are two key objectives in Arrowtown’s guiding document “Shaping our Future Arrowtown Community Visioning Report”.

Shaping our Future (2017) recommends that: “House/living affordability and the need to have a mixed diverse community is vital for the ongoing success of Arrowtown.”

QLDC are currently calling for feedback on Inclusionary Zoning – a process which enables Planning for Affordable Housing, and the AVA encourages residents to voice their opinion before 26 September 2021.

Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust’s Julie Scott says new inclusionary zoning provisions in the district plan are necessary to continue their work. “The Housing Trust has had the ability to build great affordable housing like our Suffolk St development and our impending Tewa Banks project at Jopp St. These processes have enabled us to assist hundreds of locals into warm, dry affordable housing.”

“Arrowtown is a special place, but we need more affordable housing here to ensure we have a strong and diverse community.”

To ensure a mixed diverse community in both Arrowtown and the wider Whakatipu, AVA endorses affordable housing. Many individuals and families who are committed and positively contributing to the area have difficulty in finding suitable housing. AVA believes it is important that we do what we can to support those people to stay in the Whakatipu.

AVA encourages residents to give their view by completing a short submission by 5pm Sunday 26 September 2021

You can submit online here.

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