Help us review the vision for Arrowtown

The Arrowtown Village Association and Shaping Our Future invite you to help update the Shaping Our Future Arrowtown Community Visioning Report at a public forum on 28 September 2022.

Shaping Our Future is a community-driven project working towards a long-term vision of ‘spectacular environments, enterprising people, exceptional solutions’ in the Queenstown Lakes District. The ambition is to give every person in the community a voice in guiding the future development of the district.

Arrowtown's original Shaping Our Future report was released in late 2017 after community workshops and task force consideration of the issues our town faces. It has four pillars: heritage, character, community and environment and the key report vision for Arrowtown is to create

A vibrant, diverse community that is pro-active in managing its future in a way that values and sustainably protects its heritage, character, lifestyle and the natural environment.

The document is a detailed blueprint for our village and we are honoured to have been given the role of guardian of the report. It allows us to make recommendations to decision makers in a structured way, with the knowledge that we are representing the views of the community as a whole. We refer to the document often as we consult and inform you, our community, on matters of interest.

Five years on, it is time to update the report. In June we made a call for volunteers to join a panel to review what has been achieved, what has changed and what can be done to keep it relevant. Ten residents put their hands up and this group met once a week for six weeks, covering a different topic each time. Their draft updated report has been released and you can read it here (the 2017 document is here if you want to compare the two).

The next phase is to go back to the wider community to make sure the report truly reflects the values and concerns of the people of Arrowtown now and into the future. That's why we are holding a two-hour public workshop at 7.30pm on Wednesday 28 September 2022 at the Athenaeum Hall. At the workshop we'll outline the scope of the work that the review group has done and then allow time for you to choose one or two of the 'pillars' that particularly interest you, review them yourself then provide feedback.

Come along and have your voice heard, doors open 7pm.

Read the 2017 report
Read the draft 2022 report

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