Update from the Arrowtown Choppers

Those who were able to come to our AGM last week (what a great turnout, thanks for coming along despite the clash with the museum AGM!) will have heard a report about removing wilding trees and replanting, as well as a discussion about future plans for removing wildings, especially larch trees.

If you weren't able to be there, here's the report from the Arrowtown Choppers:

Another successful season for the Arrowtown Choppers as we broaden our focus from solely clearing wilding trees to include our native trees reforestation projects. We have seen a huge success in the fight against wilding pines with the felling of Coronet Forest, plus the Arrowtown Wilding Group and Whakatipu Wilding Conifer Control Group work covering Arrowtown and the Mahu Whenua covenant. This has substantially reduced the number of wilding pines, however there is still plenty there to remove, and we always encourage anyone out for a walk, hike, or bike to stop for 10 minutes and remove a few seedlings.

We would like to thank Arrowtown Village Association and the Arrowtown Wilding Group for their continued support. Both through the financial admin support and the expert advice with wilding control and reforestation plans.

Our commitment to plant 18,000 trees over three years is on track (just over half way through) and this is all thanks to the substantial donations and support from multiple organisations, including Arrowtown businesses, private donors and Trees That Count.

The Stephenson Fund and ORC EcoFund have provided funding for plant guards, mat, stakes and fertiliser to the end of 2023. Donations have made it possible to purchase two battery augers which substantially improved the efficiency in planting trees for the October Beech Party Planting Day (2000 trees planted in less than 2 hours).


Arrowtown Beech Party

In total 8000 trees have been planted on the Sawpit Gully track.

April 2022: 140+ Volunteers: 2056 Beech, Totara, Ribbonwood and Lacebark

October 2022: 140+ Volunteers: 2000 Beech, Totara, Ribbonwood (joining up to the top of the first hill and fanning out on the saddle)


Other planting

In addition to the Beech Party, we work with the Arrowtown Scout Group and Arrowtown Primary School to provide plantings in Bush Creek. The Arrowtown Choppers work closely with these groups to expand on these plantings and promote the principles of Kaitiakitanga.

April 2022: Arrowtown Primary School Year 5/6 Students (over 5 weeks) and Arrowtown Scout Group (1 night): 500 Olearia, Coprosma and KowhaiOctober 2022: Arrowtown Scout Group and Volunteers: 500 Olearia, Coprosma and Kowhai

November 2022: Arrowtown Primary School: Seed collecting and propagation for 2024 planting season (560 seedlings planted into T28 trays)

In total 2000 trees have been planted in Bush Creek.


Future planting

April 2023: 2000 Beech, Totara, Ribbonwood and Lacebark (below Eichardts Flat)

April 2023: Arrowtown Primary School Year 5/6 Students and Scout Group: 500 to 1000 Olearia, Coprosma and Kowhai

October 2023: 2000 Beech, Totara, Ribbonwood and Lacebark (below Eichardts Flat)

October 2023: Arrowtown Primary School Year 5/6 Students and Scout Group: 500 to 1000 Olearia, Coprosma and Kowhai

April 2024: 2000 Beech, Totara, Ribbonwood and Lacebark (below Eichardts Flat)

2024: Arrowtown Community Nursery located at Tewa Banks – spaced to propagate 4000 to 6000 plants per year (mainly focused on Beech)

Thank you to the Arrowtown Choppers for all their hard work!

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Read the Arrowtown Wilding Strategy 2018 for more information.

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